Daisys’ and Emmas’ 16th

Hey everyone, I’m extremely behind on party/outfit posts, but I’m finally coming round to doing the final two from February. My friend Emma and my friend Daisys’ birthday parties, one was on the… Continue reading

Newcastle fashion week blogging event

Hey everyone, I was recently invited to my first blogging event: over the last year I have had some great opportunities and have some amazing trips planned for the summer. Getting invited to… Continue reading

Surprise trip to lightwater valley

Hey everyone, I may have said this hundreds of times, but I have the best Uncle, EVER! My Uncle Mark text me on Tuesday with a surprise trip, I didn’t have any other… Continue reading

Kayleigh comes to Newcastle

Hey everyone, I’m taking a break from endless revision to do some thing I actually enjoy: BLOGGING! I hate going a long time without blogging, (but GSCE’s have to come first at the… Continue reading

TMI tag

Hey everyone, I thought I would give you a break from blog post about parties because I know not everyone likes them, so I’m going to do another tag post. This is the… Continue reading

My sweet 16th

Hey everyone, I’m on a roll with blog posts at the moment! I have finally got round to writing my blog post about my birthday party, which was nearly a month ago. This… Continue reading

Mainly primark: Spring/ summer haul

Hey everyone, I have been doing a lot of shopping recently, and I have no excuse for it except I wanted to get some new bright clothes. I hate winter, anyone who knows… Continue reading

What I got for my birthday

Hey everyone, I have a page full of blog posts I want to write, and I really want to write on my blog more but the countdown to my GCSE’s have begun. So… Continue reading


Hey everyone, I have about 15 blog posts I want to write so I better start writing! In the half term my Mum was off for two days so we decided to go… Continue reading

long lost family (kind-off)

Hey everyone, I’m in the mood for blogging so I thought I would just give you a bit of an insight into my life. Even though I’ve had my blog for nearly seven… Continue reading